Mark Morris High School

Check presentation to student leaders Lindsay Plotkin, Becky Peters and Stephanie Landon, and ASB Director Travis Ruhter by Bruce Morrison, WSLEA Board Member

Mark Morris High School

Mark Morris High School has developed programs that educate and mentor students regarding issues of acceptance, tolerance and bullying and help students make the schools a safer place.

The student leaders pictured above are responsible for these programs throughout the year.  Lindsay is the Student Director of Camp Unite, a weekend long camp in November to teach students to take charge of their future by making a difference in their community.  Becky is the Pride Commissioner (the school mascot is a lion) and she coordinates freshman orientation, which is a peer-mentoring program of continuous pairing of freshman and upper classman that meet throughout the year.  Stephanie is the Student Leader of the Anti-Bullying Campaign and led a school-wide assembly, “Make the Change”, featuring a speaker and dramatic presentation to address the issue.

January was named “anti-bullying month” at Mark Morris High School.  The student leaders planned month long awareness campaigns to move the student body from silently disapproving bullying to actively standing against it.  The “You Matter” campaign is promoted through the organization “Every Monday Matters” and the school has created a support group for victims and aggressors.  These programs are open to all students and staff.

Be the Change Weekend (fka Camp Unite)

Be the Change Weekend is focused on creating relationships, mentoring, and teaching students to take charge of their future and their surroundings.  They believe that each person can make a difference in their community and in the life of others.  Skills emphasized during the seminar include but are not limited to:

  • Sensitivity to Others,
  • Skills to Avoid and Stop Bullying,
  • Identifying Areas of Need, and
  • Learning How to Impact Others Positively.

Because staff members and upper classmen act as mentors, they also work on building trust, making good choices and creating lasting relationships with peers and teachers.  Students go through a series of carefully planned activities that challenge them physically, mentally, socially and emotionally.  The camp is designed by a group of student leaders for approximately 100 campers, 25 student mentors, and 10 staff members.  Campers work through a very busy schedule of activities over the course of the two days.

Who Should Go?

Camp is open to ALL students.  It is recommended that all students try to attend camp sometime during their high school career.  Which year to go is best decided by the student and parent based on that student’s needs.  Camp is one of the most rewarding experiences a student (and teacher) can have while at MMHS.  Scholarships are available to students with financial hardships.

Where Is It?

Camp is held at Cispus Learning Center, located in the beautiful Gifford Pinchot Forest on the north side of Mount Saint Helens.


Cost is $55, which includes transportation, lodging, meals, snacks, supplies, tokens, and a commemorative t-shirt.  Delegates also will participate in a secret pal program over the weekend where they are expected to provide small gifts and words of encouragement to a fellow delegate.

Full and partial scholarships are available to those who would like to attend.  Please do not let money be the reason why you do not consider this event.  Student leaders fundraise year round to lower costs and offer these scholarships.  If you would like to receive a scholarship, please contact the student activities office or camp director Travis Ruhter.

Mark Morris High School Camp Unite

Mark Morris High School Be the Change 2012 Delegation