High School Camp Programs

What is camp?

Check gifted to Central Valley High School to help support their Winter Camp Program

Check presented by David Wiyrick to Central Valley High School, to help support their Winter Camp Program

The CV High School camp is a make a difference skills camp with an emphasis on building trusting, lasting relationships with peers and teachers. Students go through a series of carefully planned activities that challenge them both physically and emotionally. The camp is designed by the Camp Leadership Class for approximately 80 campers. Campers work through a very busy schedule of activities over the course of the two days. Some activities included are a Ropes (challenge) course, counsel group activities, 4 different mini-sessions with high school staff members, capture the Flag, Song Fest and the Sticks Ceremony, to name a few.

Who should go to camp?

It is recommended that all students try to attend camp sometime during their high school career. Which year to go is best decided by the student and parent based on that students needs. Camp is one of the most rewarding experiences a student (and teacher) can have while at CV.

When is camp offered?

Currently CV is offering the camp once a year, in November or December.

What kind of supervision is there at camp?

Students are chaperoned by eight to ten staff members while at camp. Each camper is placed in a counsel group of approximately 11 campers. There is never a point at CV Camp that students are without adult supervision.

Where does camp take place?

CV High School’s camp is held at Camp Pinelow on beautiful Deer Lake located approximately 55 minutes north of the high school.

Where do the campers sleep?

Students are housed in cabins at Camp Pinelow on Deer Lakes. Girl campers are divided among 4 individual cabins with two girls staying in each room. Boy campers are in a large dorm on the opposite side of camp, again two to 4 campers per room.

Who prepares the food while the students are at camp?

Camp Pinelow is fully staffed with a first class kitchen crew preparing well balanced meals to the campers. Campers are allowed to eat as much as they like. They serve some of the finest food to be found at a camp. Special foods can be prepared for diabetic or vegetarian campers.

What does it cost to attend camp?

Camp expenses have gone up over the past few years due to increases in lodging, food and supplies. The camp is currently running at $65 with ASB and $75 without. This fee goes to pay for the Camp Fee (lodging and food) and for the supplies used. Additional costs for camp are covered through the high school leadership budget ( In order to run camp, it costs an average of $120 a camper. We believe in the experience and are finding alternate funding sources to off set the cost).

What rules apply to the students while at camp?

While the students are at camp, they fall under the same Zero Tolerance expectations that apply when they are at any CV High School function. No drugs, alcohol or tobacco products are allowed at camp Pinelow. Students found with drugs or alcohol will be brought back to school to be picked up by their parents.

For additional information please feel free to contact Leanne Donley at CV High School, 228-5142

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