AT&T Texting and Driving…It Can Wait

WSLEA Board Member Dave Wiyrick attended the AT&T Texting and Driving … It can Wait presentation held May 8, 2012 at Barker High School in the Spokane Valley.

AT&T has a special vehicle set-up that allows a participant  to get behind the wheel of the stationary vehicle and wear a pair of virtual reality glasses to simulate a real driving situation.  The student then texts while driving and a computer system displays the behavior of the vehicle on a monitor including how many times the vehicle strays out of the lane of travel, travels at excessive speeds, etc.

It can be a real eye opener for the participant and clearly demonstrates the danger of texting while driving.  There were approximately 150 people, including staff, that participated.  KHQ-6 TV News covered the event.

Daniel Youmans AT&T President for Washington and Hawaii, Anne Marshall, Sr. Public Relations Consultant, Ryan Bayne and other AT&T staff were all great to work with.  Kerri Ames, Principal for Barker High School, and Alison Watson, Key Club Advisor were great liaisons and representatives  for the School and arranged some of the photo opportunities.  Key Club President and Student Shannon Braithwait was especially helpful and was involved in getting the AT&T presentation for her high school.